PAKA — is a form for real connoisseur of high quality and progressive ideas. The stylish design is made on comfortable sports fabric that maintains its perfect appearance even under the most dynamic loads.
The set includes: T-shirt, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, wristbands, headband.
For the CYCLONE tennis uniform, the designers found inspiration in the dynamics of the cyclone’s rotation, in its energy and gravity, which fills the atmosphere with elemental majesty.

Every line and every pattern of the CYCLONE shape reflects this energy and movement, making you feel like a part of the unpredictable but exciting force of nature on the court.
When creating this shape, the designers sought not only to convey an impressive image of vortex and power, but also to add an element of intrigue and adrenaline to your playing style.

CYCLONE tennis uniforms are not just clothes; they are a symbol of your strength, confidence and readiness for the storm of emotions that tennis brings. Immerse yourself in the power of nature and the power of movement with the CYCLONE tennis uniform, which will help you overcome any obstacles on the way to victory on the court.