PAKA — is a form for real connoisseur of high quality and progressive ideas. The stylish design is made on comfortable sports fabric that maintains its perfect appearance even under the most dynamic loads.
The set includes: T-shirt, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, wristbands, headband.
For the DOODLE tennis uniform, the designers found inspiration in the bright, playful graphic elements often associated with free-form artistic masterpieces.

Every contour and every tiny detail of the DOODLE shape reflects the energy and joy that the game of tennis brings.
When designing this uniform, the designers sought to convey the freshness and dynamics of movement on the court, as well as add a touch of individuality and style to the image of each player.

DOODLE tennis uniforms are not just clothes; they are an expression of your own playing philosophy and personal style on the court. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and emotions with the DOODLE tennis uniform, which will become your reliable companion in the pursuit of success on the tennis court.