PAKA — is a form for real connoisseur of high quality and progressive ideas. The stylish design is made on comfortable sports fabric that maintains its perfect appearance even under the most dynamic loads.
The set includes: T-shirt, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, wristbands, headband.
The design of the MIRAGE tennis uniform is inspired by the aesthetics and unpredictability of natural phenomena. The designers found inspiration in the mystery of mirages, which create the illusion of deceptive images and shimmering shapes.

The design elements of the MIRAGE shape reflect this concept, using a combination of contrasting colors, geometric patterns and shimmering textures.
Just as mirages play with the perception of distorted images, the MIRAGE shape creates an impression of movement and changeability. In creating this shape, the designers sought to convey not only the visual effect of mirages, but also the sense of lightness and grace that characterizes natural phenomena.

The MIRAGE tennis uniform not only embodies aesthetics, but also emphasizes the individual style of each player, giving him mystery and uniqueness. Immerse yourself in a world of illusion and natural beauty with a Mirage tennis uniform that will help you stand out and inspire others on the court.