PAKA — is a form for real connoisseur of high quality and progressive ideas. The stylish design is made on comfortable sports fabric that maintains its perfect appearance even under the most dynamic loads.
The set includes: T-shirt, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, wristbands, headband.
The MOTION tennis uniform design is inspired by the movement, energy and dynamics that characterize the game of tennis. The designers found inspiration in the graceful and powerful movements of tennis players on the court, striving to convey this energy and emotion through every element of the uniform.

The MOTION uniform design elements reflect this concept, using lines that mimic movement and speed.
The use of dynamic, contrasting colors and textures complements the look, creating an impression of movement and energy. When creating this uniform, the designers wanted to emphasize not only athleticism, but also comfort and functionality.

The MOTION tennis uniforms are designed to help players feel confident and free on the court, providing the necessary ventilation and support during active play. The MOTION tennis uniform is not only a symbol of dynamism and energy, but also a practical solution for players seeking high performance and comfort on the court.